Presentation: syncing metadata from a CMS to DiVisual® Mapping System



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    Andreas Franz

    Note: we've added our own XML-Data exchange for importing art work information into the DiVisual® Mapping System. The export format from your collection management database is pretty much straight forward. Please ask an experienced person / database manager to write you a script for exporting the XML Data the correct way.

    XML Data needs to be structured like this (italics = field values from your database):

    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
    <export> <imgObject>
    <invno><![CDATA[Urban 189]]></invno>
    <artist><![CDATA[NOLDE, Emil]]></artist>
    <material><![CDATA[Ölfarben, Leinwand]]></material>
    <dimension><![CDATA[820 x 640 x 65 mm.]]></dimension>
    <customer><![CDATA[Stiftung Emil und Ada Nolde Seebüll]]></customer>
    </imgObject> </export>


    Export path (note that the filename needs to match the file name of your DiVisual® map file, file extensin: .xml): Your Hard Drive/Users/User/Divisual Map Files/data/import/

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